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What is HelpTweet?
HelpTweet is a free platform which allows you to help save someone’s life by just your power of tweets. It helps you reach out to blood donors via social media
Who is a Social Donor?
Anyone who allows their social network influence to be used for saving a life.
Why does HelpTweet ask for Read and Write permission for my Twitter account?
We need the specific permission to post re-tweets on your account and help spread the information related to blood donation requests. We make sure we don’t post anything else on your Twitter timeline. You can revoke access to our application anytime you are unhappy with us. Do file a report here on what went wrong.
What is the Social Donation plan ?
Social donation plan tiers are created to help you choose how much you are willing to donate your social network influence. The more number of tweets we are able to post the more we people we are able to reach and increase chances of saving someone’s life.
Can I change my plan at a later point of time?
Yes , you can login to your dashboard or email us to change your plan and increase or decrease your social donation capacity.
I submitted a blood donation requirement, no one contacted me yet?
If you have submitted a request, you would have received a request id, you can check the status of the same here. While we try our best to serve each request, it might take a while before Tweets start getting posted and reaching the relevant people. Meanwhile do try other ways of arranging blood as backup option and we wish the affected person a speedy recovery.
Does HelpTweet charge money from the blood requestors?
No, we wish to keep the system free to use to help genuine request for blood. We only wish to leverage social media to help save people’s life. We want to be millionaires by impacting a million lives :) Join us in our goal.
I have a suggestion, How do I reach out ?
Sure, we love feedback. Mail us and we will get back to you asap.
The website seems to be down ?
While we try our best to be available, there might be some issue. Request you to please bear with us till we get up and running.


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IIT Guwahati

Gaurav Rathi

IIT Guwahati

Aditya Venkat

IIT Madras

Manish Minz

NID Ahmedabad


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